Gonzales Community School hosts an annual Spelling Bee for grades 4-6.  Each class holds their own class Spelling Bee to determine who will compete in the school Spelling Bee.  School winners will advance to the Santa Fe County Spelling Bee in January.

Teachers for grades K-3 may also decide to hold a class Spelling Bee, however the winners from K-3 will not compete in the school or county Spelling Bee.  They will receive a certificate acknowledging that they won their class Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to the 2017-18 GCS Spelling Bee Winners!

Champion: Ashwin Neel (Left) 6th Grade

Runner-Up: Jalena Rubin (Right) 8th Grade

The championship word was: merengue 

Spelling bee.jpg

2016-2017 Spelling Bee Winners