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Birthday Celebrations for December

All parents and teachers are required to follow the policy.  In an effort to minimize disruptions and emphasize education, celebrations are only allowed on the first Thursday of each month.  Teacher's will not allow celebrations on any other day, so please do not bring in snacks on any other day - you will be asked to take the snacks back home.  Snacks will not be given to students for any reason.  Thank you for respecting this policy.


  • All celebrations are scheduled on the first Thursday of each month (see school calendar).
  • All student birthdays are celebrated once a month on the first Thursday (if school is not in session, they will be celebrated on the second Thursday).
  • All celebrations are one hour, maximum.
  • Teachers choose the best time of day for the party in their classes.  Snacks will be coordinated by each Classroom Representative.


  • Parents should talk with their child's classroom representative teacher before bringing in food to discuss student food allergies, teacher plans, etc.
  • Healthy snacks are strongly encouraged: fruits, cut up veggies, cheeses, whole-grain breads and crackers, tortillas, and delicious, cold, clean water.
  • Use toothpicks/utensils so that students are not touching each others' food.


  • Keep balloons, flowers, gifts, etc. at home—please do do not send or bring these items to school, as they disrupt the learning process.
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