SAC is the school's steering committee, made up of principals, teachers, parents and community members.  Everyone is welcome to join the committee and provide ideas on how to best serve our students.  Please email Dr. Flint if you are interested in attending the quarterly meetings. 

GCS is currently reaping the rewards of past SAC discussions.  SAC determined the need for an Interventionist at the school.  Mr. Lee, the principal at the time and Ms. Hubley, the assistant principal at the time then worked to find the money to pay an Interventionist and voila….Ms. Ballard became the GCS Interventionist – actually, it was far from that easy, but we won’t bore you with the details. 

Ms. Ballard has moved in a different position at the school and our current Interventionist is Dr. Lynn Bailey.

Why do we need an Interventionist?

In discussions on how to raise student proficiency rates, past SAC committees determined the need to help classroom teachers identify students that may be struggling or excelling and then provide additional support to the classroom teachers for these students.  Acquiring an Interventionist at Gonzales has helped teachers focus more of their time and resources on the entire class and help all students get the support they need to learn at the best of their ability.  It's important that parents are aware of our Interventionist as a resource for your classroom teacher if you have educational concerns for your child.  The first step is to speak with your child’s teacher if you think your child could benefit for additional resources.

Through combined efforts from teachers, parents, our Interventionist, and special education teachers, GCS was able to identify and admit over 30 new students to the GCS Enrichment program in 2017. 

Ongoing Goal

There are many advantages to K-8 schools, including smaller class sizes for 7th and 8th grades and more individualized attention at such a crucial age.  Unfortunately, smaller class sizes result in fewer elective (related arts, such as P.E., music, art, etc) options for our middle school students.  The school's SAC is committed to finding a solution.

Previous year’s goals...

The following two items were determined as goals for GCS to investigate during the 2016-17 school year:

1) Find and apply for additional funding sources (grants) for GCS  so we can continue offering the current level of services to students.  This is different from fundraising for PTA.  PTA fundraising goes into PTA’s account and provides for “extra and fun” learning opportunities.  We’re talking about finding funds to provide teacher and staff salaries.  Funding for public education will be determined at the 2017 Legislative session in January.  Due to declining tax revenues, public education may experience funding cuts, resulting in less money per student and fewer teachers.   Best case scenario, and at the very least, we will receive the same amount of money, with increased expenses, resulting in less money for additional services for our students. 

2) Determine how classroom teachers, related arts (specials: art. music, P.E.), and parents can work together to offer more project-based learning opportunities for our students.  This type of learning is hard-work on everyone’s part, but studies show that it is far more enjoyable and memorable.  Project-based learning also provides students with more relevant experiences that prepare them for the real-world and provide better comprehension of complex subjects.  The basics are also presented and learned in project-based learning, so don’t worry, our students will still learn reading, writing and math – it’ll just be easier and more fun to remember.  Many of our teachers currently use project-based learning in their classrooms and SAC would like to see it expanded to all classrooms. 

What ideas do you have for Gonzales Community School?  You’re invited to share them at the next SAC meeting.