PTA Sponsoring Executive Function Workshop for Teachers and Staff

As you know, one of PTA's missions is to provide professional development opportunities for teachers and staff.  Nicole, our PTA President has worked to make the following opportunity available to GCS, along with the money that GCS families help raise for PTA.

Please encourage your child's teachers and paraprofessionals to take advantage of this opportunity.

Executive Function Workshop Opportunity

All GCS Teachers & Paraprofessionals: We have the opportunity to have a cutting-edge workshop at our school. 

Executive function is the piece that our most challenging students are usually missing.
It is responsible for a number of skills, including:
-- Paying attention
-- Organizing, planning and prioritizing
-- Starting tasks and staying focused on them to completion
-- Understanding different points of view
-- Regulating emotions
-- Self-monitoring (keeping track of what they're doing)

Amy MIller is Executive Director of the May Center, a school that empowers students with learning differences to succeed in school. She shares her experience and strategies with interested teachers in dynamic workshops at their campus. 

Through our PTA, we can have a workshop with Amy Miller here at GCS. 
The Executive Function for Students Workshop will include the following:

+ How learning differences become behavioral issues

+ Why and how to explicitly teach executive function skills to all students

+ Practical ideas for structuring your classroom to build executive function skills in all students