Joining PTA is an easy choice.  PTA members value education and support teachers in providing the best possible experience for the students of Gonzales Community School.

Your participation is vital to the success of our school.  Join today!

How do I join?  Complete the following membership form and submit the $10 membership dues online or to the school office.  It really is that easy.

How much does it cost to join PTA?  We ask that our members pay annual membership dues of $10 (July 1- June 30) per family.  A portion of these dues are paid to the New Mexico PTA and National PTA.  Membership dues are your minimum requirement to become a member of GCS PTA.  Depending on your circumstance, we can also waive the $10 membership fee.  So, please do not let the $10 fee prohibit you from contributing to the success of Gonzales Community School and your child's education.  Speak with a PTA Board Member if you prefer to contribute in a different way.

Do I have to join PTA again this year if I was a member last year?  Yes.  PTA membership is valid for one year, July 1-June 30.  Members are required to join each year.

Do I have to attend PTA meetings?   Attending meetings is not required, however, it is important to attend monthly PTA meetings so you will be aware of current projects and events and exercise your right to vote on how PTA operates, including how we spend our money.  Just attending one or a few meetings each year helps tremendously.  The choice is yours.  We also provide complimentary child care and pizza during every PTA meeting.  Students also earn a free dress day if their parents attend a meeting. 

Do I have to volunteer for PTA events?  Volunteering for events is not required, however, your help is greatly appreciated and our events will not exist without volunteers.  Volunteering an hour for just one event lightens the work tremendously and gives all families an opportunity to enjoy the event.  Again, the choice is yours. Students also earn a free dress day if they or their parents volunteer for an event.

Do I have to be a member of PTA to attend PTA meetings?  PTA membership is not required to attend PTA meetings.  All families are encouraged to attend PTA meetings to gain valuable information about school.  You may join in the discussion, but will not be able to vote unless you are a member.

What does PTA do?  GCS PTA is a busy group that wears many hats.  Our greatest areas of focus include:

  • facilitate communication between school and home (become a Classroom Representative)
  • advise Mr. Lee and Mrs. Chavez on issues that directly affect our students, from a parent's perspective 
  • buy supplies for teachers
  • $5,000 in funding for our students to participate in NDI
  • supplies for the school nurse
  • books for the Lobo Library
  • snacks during standardized testing
  • funding for fields trips and special student projects
  • fund professional development opportunities for teachers
  • teacher appreciation
  • student clubs

What do I get for joining PTA?  The most obvious and greatest benefit is that your child will perform better in school with your participation.  Additionally, the benefits include:

  • belong to the community and receive support from fellow parents
  • build stronger relationships with your child's teachers
  • have a voice on how PTA operates
  • $2 off every spirit gear item (current PTA membership is required)
  • one free dress day for each student in your family per year
  • a car window decal showing your support of education

PTA membership cards, decals and free dress day stickers are distributed to members at PTA meetings.  Download membership form and turn into the GCS office with your membership dues or complete the form online and pay membership dues online using the PayPal "donate" link at the bottom of this page.