Book Fair, Trout Eggs and Circulations! Oh my!

Thanks to students, staff and families for supporting our Fall Book Fair!  We had one of our most successful Book Fairs at Gonzales and raised $2,200!  These funds can be used to purchase new books and related materials for the library.  If you have a specific request get it to Ms. McCabe.

Trout Eggs!  We will once again be raising Rainbow Trout in the library as part of the New Mexico Game and Fish “Trout in the Classroom” Program.  Our eggs are set to arrive from the Lisboa Springs Hatchery the week of January 16th.  

Congratulations to Ms. Romero’s 3rd grade class for having the most library circulations during the Fall Semester!  Each time a student returns, renews, or checks out a new book it counts as a circulation.  Ms. Romero’s class tops the school with 435 circulations for the Fall semester.