Ms. Rachel Garcia

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Ms. Garcia is currently a first grade teacher at Gonzales Community School.  She began her teaching career at Gonzales in 1995 and has taught kindergarten, first and second grades throughout her career. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.  She has attended New Mexico Highlands University and Santa Fe Community College.  She is certified to teach Reading Recovery to first graders.  She became a teacher because her aunt was studying to be a teacher and she encouraged her to attend college. 

Ms. Garcia grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and loves Santa Fe, the city different with no judgement and the best weather.  She was also a soldier prior to becoming a teacher.  She served in the arms forces and received an honorable discharge.  She wanted a challenge and basic training provided both a physical and mental challenge.  It was a huge accomplishment to complete basic training.  Ms. Garcia loves to run every weekend.  She runs 5k's with her boyfriend as often as possible and loves to spend time with family, even if it is watching a movie together.  When she gets home her two dogs are always happy to see her, they are never mad at her, they love her no matter what; they never talk back and they keep her warm at night.