Ms. Anais Weckert (Ms. Ana)

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Ms. Ana began teaching Physical Education (P.E.) to all grades at Gonzales in 2015 and is now a fifth-grade teacher at Gonzales.  She began teaching in 2012 and taught fourth grade for a portion of her student teaching.  She currently coaches Gonzales’ swim team.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing from the University of New Mexico and an endorsement in Physical Education from the Santa Fe Community College, Ms. Ana decided to be a teacher because she wants to be the change she wishes to see in the world!

She grew up in Canada, Mexico, California, Colorado, and New Mexico.  Her family moved to Santa Fe when she was in 8th grade and she attended Alameda Jr. High School and graduated from Santa Fe High School.  She decided to stay and make a difference in Santa Fe because out of all the places she’s lived, Santa Fe is home.

Ms. Ana was fortunate to live in Mexico as a child.  It afforded her the opportunity to become bi-lingual and instilled a love of travel.  She has visited 15 countries and lived in five of them (Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Canada, the United States).  She loved living in Switzerland and visiting the Greek Isles, which changed her life!  If you ever have the opportunity to go...she highly recommends it.

Along with her son, Ms. Ana has three cats; Luke and Leia, who are brother and sister and Toby!