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What is Common Core?

Common Core standards provide a road map for teachers and parents of academic standards that must be taught and ideally learned during the school year. Common Core standards were developed to ensure that all students from across the United States graduate from high school ready for college, careers, and citizenship. All public schools in the United States are required to teach the Common Core standards. As you click on the links below, you’ll notice that there are specific topics that must be covered each school year. How the topics are taught is entirely up to your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher develops their own creative and engaging lesson plans based on the Common Core standards. SFPS also provides teachers with curriculum maps that provide resources to ensure the standards are being covered each year.


Example of SFPS Curriculum Map

Based on the following example, you’ll note that during the four quarters of the school year, 7th-grade teachers will teach the following Math standards:

Operations with Rational Numbers and the Number System

Ratios and Proportional Relationships


Expressions and Equations

Statistics and Probability