Classroom Representatives

We need you!  We are currently recruiting classroom representatives for the 2016/17 School Year.

Parent involvement is absolutely vital to the success of every student and teacher.  It's important to allow our teachers to focus on educating our children and spend less time on coordinating our parents.  Our Classroom Representatives free-up valuable education time by coordinating parent volunteers and facilitating communication.

No special skills are required - just a willingness to help your child succeed.  Our Classroom Representatives will use Google Groups to communicate with parents.  Google Groups is easy to learn if you haven't used it before - all you need is an internet connection - you can use it from your phone and we'll show you the basics.  It’s also not a time time-consuming role – roughly one-hour per week.  You can also form classroom teams with two or three Classroom Reps.  Anyone can help - parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Complete the form below or contact GCS PTA at if you are interested in helping your child's classroom succeed.

What is a Classroom Representative?

Works with teacher(s) and parents/guardians, as a parent contact and liaison, to build stronger family-school partnerships for a classroom

Encourages easy, two-way communication between teacher(s) and parents on what’s happening in the classroom and in school to support student success

Collaborates with the teacher(s) to identify how parents can assist with classroom and school activities

Recruits parent volunteers and delegates volunteer assignments for a classroom

Helps to promote PTA goals, membership and activities

What Does a Classroom Representative Do?

Contacts – Create a list of parents’/guardians’ names and contact information.  Work with the teacher(s) to obtain this information for PTA use only.  Contact information for each parent will remain confidential.

Welcomes – Welcome parents and provides a general overview of why parent involvement matters at GCS.

Survey – Distribute a volunteer survey, listing volunteer opportunities, to parents/guardians to share their availability, skills and interests with you and to sign up for classroom activities.  Offer a range of volunteer options with different amounts of time and commitment to encourage inclusion and to respect parents’ work schedules.

Delegate – Assign volunteer jobs and maintain a database of parents’ interests, skills and availability as volunteers to use throughout the school year.

Connect – Communicate regularly with parents using multiple pathways – emails, phone calls, text messaging, websites and social media as well as newsletters and backpack express – to keep families in the loop on upcoming class or grade level activities and to grow family-school partnerships for student success.

Receive Support – GCS PTA will always be available to help you and your parents through this process and will provide you with all the tools you need.

How Do I Get Started?

Meet with a PTA Board Member to review processes and receive materials to better understand the scope of your new position.  Learn more about your role and school policies related to parent involvement at a meeting organized by the PTA.

Meet with Teacher(s) – Get together with the teacher(s) to talk about the various ways and options available for parents to assist with classroom activities, field trips and celebrations for the upcoming year.  Develop a list together of volunteer opportunities to share with parents.

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Interested in becoming a Classroom Representative for your Student's Class? 

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